About Me

About me

My life was closely connected with Kharkiv (Ukraine), where I was born, grew up, married, gave birth and brought up three beautiful children.

Painting – this is one area of my activities, where I have been developing since 2015. I work as a director in a company that provides telecommunications services, named LLC “Maxnet”.

I am brighter manifested in some matter, because receiving energy into another different areas. I am learning every day how to find a balance between creativity and system, between business, hobbies and family.

I show my inner peace and energy by work on the picture. I like to express myself on canvas. Suchwise I can show what I feel, than I live or what I enjoy.

Therefore, if you ask the question “Who am I?”, I will answer: “I’m that I’m”. I am who I am. And all that you will see is the manifestation of my “I AM”.

In the section My Blog you can get more detailed information about the techniques, materials and styles that I use to write my paintings. In My Blog you can get acquainted with me, as with artist. I will share the things that inspire me and my plans with you.