About Me

About me

My life is closely connected with the communication with people. Everyday, I have meetings, conferences, trainings and so on. Thus, everyday I see how much different and similar at the same time we are. And this everyday experience has contributed into my creative process. I see how people lose themselves in their efforts to become more flexible and effective. I see how much they try to find something valuable aside but forget about the precious things inside every person, their inner world.
My artworks are created to show that we do not need to spray ourselves in the eternal race for success. The main thing to become successful is to feel comfortable with yourself, accept yourself and love.
Since my childhood, I have had a strong creative impulse. I perfected my craft by studying the contradiction between form and function that is revealed through the basic law of dialectics: the law of unity and the struggle of opposites. Creating has helped me better understand the world around me.
My main aim is to say that this world has endless variety of opportunities for all of us. But to find them in the outer world we firstly should start our search in the inner world.
I want make my paintings the way to feel and see more for people, to destroy the borders and frames that we set ourselves.

In the section My Blog you can get more detailed information about the techniques, materials and styles that I use to write my paintings. In My Blog you can get acquainted with me, as with artist. I will share the things that inspire me and my plans with you.