Artwork “Loyal to the heart”

Every morning I am born and every night I leave this world.
Every new day is the beginning of my journey!
This is a new page of my life, and every line I fill with the feeling, which I get up with and walk through during the day.
I do not know where I will begin, and what feelings or thoughts will be there when I open my eyes. But I know, choice will be for me and only mine.
This is my journey, my events, my feelings – and all of this is going on with me. And I have chosen it myself!
I build my future with my own hands and feelings – that is where I am going to and stay true to myself now, tomorrow and forever. Being true to myself is in my heart! This is eternity and loyalty in my heart…
Being Loyal to my Heart…
Being Loyal to Myself…

The picture is written in the style of realism.

Painting size:
120*160 cm


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