A powerful source of knowledge and reflection of reality, of course, is painting.

My name is Alla Struchaieva, I am glad to welcome you in my online gallery. Creating paintings, I do not accept restrictions, and I am not afraid to go beyond. Development is impossible without that. In the process of self-improvement, I find harmony in life, where important places are dedicated to business, family and painting.

Artist Alla Struchayeva

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The paintings are written with oil paints on high-quality canvas

Each artwork is unique

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There is no need to spray ourselves in the eternal race for success. The main thing to become successful is to feel comfortable with yourself, accept and love yourself.

My main aim is to say that the world has endless opportunities for all of us but in order to find them in the outer world, we should begin our search inward.

Few people know, thanks to and despite what, I have become a painter. Since my childhood, I have had a strong creative impulse. Creating paintings has helped me better understand the world around me.

I perfected my craft by studying the contradiction between form and function that is revealed through the basic law of dialectics: the law of unity and the struggle of opposites.

My life is closely connected with the communication with people. Thus, I notice both the differences and similarities between all of us. I see how people lose themselves in their efforts to become more flexible and effective.
I notice how much they try to find something valuable aside but forget that the most precious treasure is their own inner world.

Artist Alla Struchayeva

"When I am writing in canvas, I am living! I am inspired by everything around me: Universe, beauty of the world around, music and poetry, rustling leaves and trees inspire me… I am inspired by people around me, works of other painters and desire to try new painting techniques, develop myself and go further. Go nonstop."

Alla Struchaieva

I paint with oil paints and dry pigments, use special durable stretchers and high-quality canvas. I prefer writing with liquid oil on wet canvas.

I constantly experiment and try new techniques, use a palette knife, spraying and paint washing.

Each artwork is painted not only with a brush, but also with a soul. In my work I express my emotions on canvas, plunging into the unknown and finding there something completely new.

My artworks find new owners around the world. Paintings inspire and heal people, attract and invigorate them.

Artist Alla Struchayeva

Each artwork has its own story that inspired me to create it. My creativity is influenced by the experience of communicating with people, my internal state and many other inspirational factors.

I want my paintings to become a way for people to see and feel more, an opportunity to destroy the borders we set ourselves.

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