“I see everything from a height: not like ordinary people – in perspective, but from the highest point,” says Alla Struchaieva about her vision of the plots for future paintings. She is not an ordinary artist with an academic base, but a creator who manages to do the incomprehensible to most. Alla captures emotions on canvas.

Artist Alla Struchayeva

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Exhibition of the artist Alla Struchaeva

Creative path

Alla began to paint pictures at a mature age. Artistic talent and a special vision of the world were not an insight: from early childhood she felt a craving for art, but ... Everything has its time. And the time of Alla Struchaieva – the artist came in December 2015. The story of the beginning of her creative path sounds literally like this: “I came exhausted from work, took a brush, a canvas…”. The first paintings, rather, served as a way of relaxation – an alternative to yoga, which ceased to give Alla the necessary relaxation.

Before finding “her own” material, the artist tried acrylics and watercolors, but as a result of her creative search, she settled on oil paints and natural canvases: “two-thread” and cotton.

Philosophy of art

Calling Alla Struchaeva an unusual artist does not have to be cunning. Her painting technique differs from the usual understanding – “sketch-draft-paint”. According to the artist, she begins to write, not knowing what will happen in the end: “I just write what I see at that moment,” says Alla. But it happens otherwise, and the canvas itself “suggests” to her the plot of the future work. Thus, each artwork has its own story that inspired the artist to create it.

The philosophy of her paintings is the unity of the inner "I" with nature, the Universe. The artist calls on the viewer to turn to him/herself and understand that the main success in life is a comfortable existence in harmony with the external and internal worlds.

"They are alive. When you see, touch the paintings, there is "your" inner feeling and, at the same time, a shock," - this is how the artist describes the reaction of exhibition visitors to her works.

Overcoming internal borders is the message that every painting of Alla carries. In artistic terms, she does not accept restrictions, even the size of the canvases prefers "monumental": 1.2x1.6 m. Lively emotions, the absence of formal stylistic frameworks, and plots, as if written off from parallel universes - this is how her work can be characterized. They carry away far and at the same time return to yourself, make you think about the eternal.

Artist Alla Struchayeva

"Each artwork is painted not only with a brush, but also with a soul. In my work I express my emotions on canvas, plunging into the unknown and finding there something completely new", - says Alla.

Alla Struchaieva

Artist during the war

Alla Struchaieva, a native citizen of Kharkiv, experienced all the horrors of the invasion of her native country. Hunger, deprivation, fear. Most recently, she, like many other residents of Ukraine, hid from shelling in the basement of her own house in the village of Tsyrkuny, which was damaged by a rocket and over time completely destroyed. Along with the acquired property, paintings were also completely destroyed. Fortunately, some of them have been preserved in digital format.

Alla shared part of her experience and her thoughts in an emotional post in social networks. And she received unexpected support from the famous artist and teacher, Elena Dumbur, who considered the paintings prophetic.

Now Alla and her family are in Poland. Of the tools, the artist has only a laptop and a tablet, so she creates new artworks in digital format.

Alla Struchaieva transfers 70% of the funds from the sale of paintings to charitable foundations in support of Ukraine.

Artist Alla Struchayeva

Art is stronger than fear

No matter what, life goes on. And art is what gives hope.

The paintings of Alla Struchaieva inspire faith in a beautiful future and transfer to the philosophical world, where there is no place for fuss, fear and worldly problems. A world where the soul of the author, through years and distances, touches the soul of the viewer.

The artist herself says the following about her work: "I want my paintings to become a way for people to see and feel more, an opportunity to destroy the borders we set ourselves."

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