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Painting prints to be produced on the canvas or photo paper

Modern technology has pushed out the question “Is this a reproduction?” in the second place. Now, at the sight of the artworks of famous artists, we ask: "Where did you order these prints of paintings?».

In the online gallery of the Ukrainian artist Alla Struchaieva, not only the originals of the artworks are available, you can also buy a print of the painting, you like.

What is painting print

Probably, most often we use this word in relation to clothing. In general, they are printed images on various materials. Printed artworks of famous artists are especially popular. Now connoisseurs of high art can buy prints of paintings, without fear of problems related to copyright.

Prints creating process:

  1. A high-quality scan copy of a painting is made in high resolution.
  2. Color correction is carried out taking into account the features of the camera and printer in order to accurately convey colors on a future print.
  3. Using a special printer, a photo of the painting is printed on the selected material (canvas or photo paper).
  4. The print is put onto the stretcher, the print is fixed.

It is important to note that printing the artworks, the artist agrees to the use of his/her intellectual property. In the case of multi-year masterpieces of painting, this works differently, since exclusive rights cease to be valid after a certain time after its release.

Where prints are used

Print is not a unique item, it has an original source and not a “man-made” nature. This makes it much more affordable for ordinary connoisseurs of beauty. You can order a print of a painting as a gift for close people or for yourself, without spending a fortune on this.

Printed canvases more and more often appear in company offices, educational institutions, hotels and restaurants. Many designers consider the possibility of hanging any picture on the wall when creating projects. Therefore, prints of famous paintings adorn more and more walls of apartments and country houses. Breathing life into the interior is possible not only with the original work of the artist, but also with high quality, and most importantly, an honestly made copy.

How to distinguish canvas prints from oil paintings

Some online stores offer to buy a print of a painting, posing it to be original. You can distinguish a painting and a print by the following features:

  • the canvas for the painting is more grainy and coarse, for the print - smooth, with a fine texture;
  • strokes of oil paint are superimposed on each other, forming a volume painting on the canvas;
  • printer ink does not allow to achieve the illusion of multidimensional space;
  • despite the imitation of smears, you can see that the ink is applied dotted.
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