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  • Online payment

Suitable for those, who care:

  • Be confident in the security of payments and the absence of risks;
  • pay a minimum commission (or not pay it at all);
  • make payment in the shortest possible time.

Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cardholders can pay for paintings and prints using online acquiring. In this case, the payment from your card will go through the payment system.

Currency for calculation - Ukrainian hryvnia, US dollar and Euro. To view the price in a suitable currency, use the switch in the upper right part of the screen.

The amount of commission for payment depends on the bank, which you are a client of.

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  • Non-cash payment

Suitable for those, who care:

  • Conclude a transparent and secure transaction;
  • be able to pay from a bank branch or personal account;
  • get the accompanying documents (invoice, receipt).

Non-cash form of payment involves a bank transfer. You will receive payment details and the order sum by specifying an email. You can transfer money using Internet banking or by contacting a bank branch.

Choosing a non-cash form of payment, you can pay for your purchase in Euros (conversion is carried out at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine).

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  • Payment on delivery

Suitable for those, who care:

  • transfer money already having an artwork in a hand;
  • choose a payment method (cash / card) at the time of receipt.

If the prepayment is not suitable, you can pay for the purchase upon receipt. In this case, the payment on delivery service will be paid separately. The payment method and money transfer services depend on the terms of the selected delivery service.

This payment method is available for buyers in Ukraine.

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