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The series of paintings “Universe” is mainly made in the avant-garde style and contains the widest selection of artworks among all the presented series. She is able to satisfy both lovers of miniatures and supporters of monumental painting.

The series of paintings “Universe” is mainly made in the avant-garde style and contains the widest selection of artworks among all the presented series. She is able to satisfy both lovers of miniatures and supporters of monumental painting.

The series of paintings “Life” was created to inspire and is made mainly in the style of realism. In part, it personifies male power and wisdom, but the theme of love and unity of lovers is also present in it.

The series of paintings "Nature Power" is made in various styles and combines static and dynamic natural phenomena, due to which it can decorate any interior.
Nature power

The series of paintings "Woman`s Power" has been created for more than one year and consists of artworks performed in different styles and techniques. It personifies femininity, tenderness and strength at the same time.
Woman’s power

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Pictures by Directions

The artist’s gallery is so diverse that you can see paintings of different genres and thematic directions

Exhibition in the Struchaieva Art Workshop

On December 26 and 28, 2019, the opening of my ART Workshop took place. Guests were live able to enjoy my work. Each of them could see the own Universe on my canvases.

Exhibition in the Struchaieva Art Workshop
Exhibition in the Struchaieva Art Workshop

December 28 2021

Japanese painting

October 22 2021

In the article we will get acquainted with the main features of Japanese painting, learn about its most striking directions and artists.

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March 06 2023

The artworks that Alla Struchaeva had been creating with her soul for years were destroyed along with the house as a result of a missile hit.

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Durability of French oil and canvas.

Uniqueness of the artworks
Uniqueness of the artworks

Artworks are unique and written with a part of the artist`s soul.

Legal rights for an artwork to the buyer
Legal rights for an artwork to the buyer

Buying an artwork, client gets the ownership rights confirmed in the contract.

Secure delivery
Secure delivery

Our manager leads shipping of an artwork and fixes its condition with photo and video before sending it to a client.

High-quality of the used materials
High-quality of the used materials

Durability of French oil and canvas.

Oil painting on the canvas

Oil painting is one of the most common artistic techniques despite the complexity of its execution, originated in medieval Europe. But the earliest objects of oil painting were discovered in India and date back to the 7th century. BC. Modern artists continue to choose oil for the ability to convey the most complex and detailed images, the brightness and depth of colors. In the Struchaieva Art gallery you can buy an oil painting, which will become an organic complement and highlight of the interior.

How oil paintings are created

In addition to inspiration, practical skills and knowledge, the author will need:

  • paints;
  • brushes, palette knife and spatula;
  • palette (the larger the canvas, the larger the palette);
  • canvas and stretcher;
  • primer (most often modern artists choose acrylic).

Primer is applied on the surface of the canvas from linen fabric with a brush in the direction of the warp threads. The movements should be soft and parallel, then they need to be repeated in the opposite direction. After sanding the canvas, the base is ready and you can begin to apply the drawing.

The sketch is done with soft graphite, charcoal or a brush and liquid diluted paint. Next, the first strokes are carried out with transparent paints. This allows you to achieve a feeling of depth, volume and realism of the painting. After drying, underdrawing is done.

The artist begins work on color schemes, lighting and creates a texture. After drying, glaze and detailing follows. Depending on the technology, full drying of the paints is required or it is not needed at all. The degree of the finished work detailing and the time to complete it depend on that.

Which oil is used to create paintings

To create an oil painting on canvas, paints consisting of oil and dry pigments are used. Most often, linseed oil is used to create paints, poppy oils (for cold shades) and walnuts are less common. The pigment may be opaque or glaze (transparent). The latter are used to give the image an enamel smoothness. Opaque pigments are dense and saturated.

Features of choosing paintings for the interior

If you are going to buy paintings to complement the interior style, pay attention to color schemes, themes and your own preferences.

For example, interior abstraction paintings look advantageous in rooms with light walls and classic wooden floors. Bright portraits perfectly complement themed interiors. For example, in a country house with African decor, a portrait of a girl in a bright turban and a massive necklace will organically look. For a minimalistic design, the urban landscape is suitable, and for country - floral motifs on the canvas.

Where to buy an oil painting on canvas

Visiting offline exhibitions will give you the opportunity to plunge into the world of art, but doing it all the time is a troublesome and costly activity. If you are interested in a large selection, convenience of ordering and prices, that you do not need to ask a consultant for, it would be better to buy paintings in online galleries. Here you can find information about technology, recommendations for placement in the interior, and even contact the artist without leaving the workplace.

About Struchaieva Art

The gallery contains the artworks of a talented artist, where everyone will find a painting to his/her liking: a bright still life, a bewitching landscape or an unusual portrait. There are no restrictions and clear frameworks, the flight of imagination of the creator is unlimited.

Below are listed 5 reasons to buy an oil painting in the Struchaieva Art Gallery:

  1. Each painting is a unique work of art. You can become a single owner of the unique embodiment of the emotions and soul of the creator.
  2. By purchasing a painting, you enter into the exclusive right to own an intellectual property.
  3. The high-quality paints and canvases are used to create artworks, which allows the paintings to maintain their original appearance for many years.
  4. In addition to the original art object, inexpensive prints can be purchased in the gallery.
  5. Safe delivery and convenient payment. We make sure that the paintings are sent and packed securely not to be damaged.
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