Landscape painting is an extremely widespread genre of fine art, where the main object is nature. Images of rivers, trees and mountains appeared on the walls of caves thousands of years ago, but the genre is considered to be relatively young. The fact is that in the Middle Ages, when the church had an impressive influence on the state, painting was exclusively religious. At that time, creating a painting, landscape as an element, could be used only as a background for a plot or portrait. The genre was in decline, artists had difficulty with perspective, the transfer of depth of space and light. Only in the XVIth century oil landscapes formed as an independent genre thanks to the artworks of Dutch artists. A real breakthrough occurred at the beginning of the ХІХth century, when oil paints in tubes appeared. It was convenient to take them to the street to paint the landscape “from nature”, and there were more shades and pigments, which made it possible to work more competently with transmission accuracy, light and other details.

Landscape as a genre of painting

Objects of landscape painting

With the development of the direction and the acquisition of new knowledge about perspective and composition, more and more artists chose the landscape genre for artworks. Two directions stood out: the image of real terrain and imaginary space. Also, depending on the main object of the artwork, such types of landscapes are figured out:

  • nature landscape oil painting;
  • rural landscape (image of nature, animals and people);
  • urban (industrial architecture);
  • marine (this includes the image of rivers and lakes);
  • space (constellations and planets against the backdrop of endless darkness).

The ability to paint outside the workshop allowed landscape painters to be inspired by images and without departing from a source of inspiration, work on the canvas with natural light and convey the atmosphere maximally.

From the XVIIIth century artists began to place accents more competently. For example, despite the fact that buildings, people and animals may be present on the rural landscape, these are secondary objects. And in the foreground may not even be nature, but, for example, warm summer rain or a young moon.

How to choose a landscape for the interior

If you plan to buy a landscape painting to breathe life into the interior of an office or home, pay attention to such points:

  1. Landscape — a great gift or solution for people who do not know exactly which artwork is right for them. This genre itself is universal, and the most adaptive option is abstraction. They most often decorate the walls of offices and institutions.
  2. When choosing an interior landscape, think about where it will hang. If you have a single large painting, hang it over the furniture: a sofa in the living room, a bed in the bedroom, a table in the kitchen. For a series of paintings, you can choose the walls of the corridor. Listen to the sense of proportion and do not get involved in experiments combining incongruous.
  3. Pay attention to the harmony of the color scheme of the painting and the interior. Choosing an art object in the colors of the room, you will make it part of the image. If the artwork stands out, you need to think through the placement of this emphasis.
  4. Modular paintings look advantageous only in modern interiors, you do not need to blindly follow the trend.

Where to buy a landscape painting

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