What is a plot composition

Most often, the plot painting combines various genres of easel painting: portrait, landscape and still life. Despite the popularity and presence in all styles, this is a fairly young direction in the field of visual arts, which was actively developed only in the 20th century. In the center of the plot composition there is always an event or an artistic image that reflects the intention of the creator. Essential features of such paintings are social significance and plot composition. The artist brings the plot to the viewer, combining the colors, shapes and illumination of objects.

Artworks in genre of plot composition

Essential elements of the genre:

  • topic (highlighted event or situation);
  • ideological concept (position and ideology, which the author relies on);
  • art form (means of artistic expression: style, color palette, play of light);
  • motive (a way of expressing a theme and design on the canvas).

How to choose a plot painting for the interior

The plot composition in the interior will look profitable if you correctly choose a painting based on the motive. First of all, you need to decide what style your interior is made in, and move from that. Here are some simple examples:

  1. Living room in sand tones with animalistic decor. Artworks depicting safaris, elephants at a water hole or a man with his faithful companion in the desert will fit here.
  2. Bedroom in oriental style. In addition to landscapes with blooming sakura, you can consider scenes with a bird soaring in the sky above the village or an old man on the way to the monastery in the mountains.
  3. A country-style kitchen will be complemented with an artwork that tells about everyday country life.

Please, note that the plot paintings for the interior should have enough space on the wall around them. Thus, the artwork is perceived much better, and the look does not "slip" past.

How to buy a painting in the Struchaieva Art Gallery

In the online store of the artist Alla Struchaieva, you will find plots about fidelity, loneliness, passion and confrontation. If you are going to buy a painting for an office or home, you can easily find an option you like. The gallery presents not only plot paintings, here you will find the perfect abstraction for the walls of the office or the floral landscape for a country house.

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