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Where to buy oil paintings

In modern world more and more art lovers appear. People with pleasure complement a home or an office interior with art objects, most often, choosing a painting for this purpose. Art lovers are especially fond of oil paintings. They look expensive and authentic. In online painting store Struchaieva Art you can buy paintings by the contemporary artist Alla Struchaeva. We present to your attention classical painting on canvas, abstract canvases and interior paintings. Buying a painting for home and office interiors in Struchaieva Art Gallery will not only be an original gift, but also an excellent investment in art.

You can buy a painting online by going to the gallery website, or acquire a piece of art by visiting a live exhibition. In any case, you have to face the question of choice, in which it is very important to avoid fakes and low-quality work. If the painting is already in front of you, it is easier to assess the brightness of the colors and the range of strokes, but visiting galleries and exhibitions takes time, and these events are not available 24/7.

It will be much easier to buy a painting via the Internet, where you can easily find a bewitching landscape for the living room, or a bright still life that will become an exquisite accent in the dining room.

A counterbalance to a huge variety on the Internet is the risk of fake. You will probably think that this factor does not threaten you, since you are not going to buy an artwork of a world-famous artist. However, this is not so much about copyright as about an attempt to reduce the cost of painting.

How much does an oil painting cost

The prices of oil paintings, that can be bought on the Internet, differ significantly. This is because of unscrupulous sellers, who offer paintings that they do not create but "churn out". Using a modern printer, pictures are printed on canvases and lightly covered with strokes of paint, posing as original oil artworks. These pictures are distinguished by low cost, the texture of the canvas and the plot, which is gone in for mass production.

Actually, oil painting is expensive. This is connected with the fact that work on the painting requires careful preparation of the canvas, expensive paints and pigments, and various materials for application. In addition, each coat of paint dries for a long time, and creating a painting takes weeks, and even months. Do not forget that the creator puts an idea and a soul into each artwork, that also significantly increases the value of the work.

How to properly evaluate an oil painting

In the buying process of a painting, we recommend paying attention to such points:

  1. Even a light colored artwork should not be pale and flat. On the contrary, oil paints create a sense of volume, they are rich and expressive.
  2. In the original work, you pay attention to the grain structure of the canvas. It is slightly visible under layers of paint in the light and is visible to the naked eye from the back side of a canvas.
  3. Also, pay attention to the presence of a stretcher, if a painting is offered to be "safely packed in a tube", this indicates poor quality of artwork. Artists pull the canvas onto a stretcher before painting, and it becomes part of the art object.
  4. On the artists` sites photos of painting process are often posted, stages of creating paintings and other confirmations that the paintings have cultural value. If you could not find evidence of the paintings being real, this is a reason to think about their authenticity.

Why Struchaieva Art

In the Struchaieva Art gallery you will find artworks by the talented Ukrainian artist Alla Struchaieva. The paintings are created with high-quality oil paints and are conveniently arranged in accordance to the genre and price category. Also, if the price of the painting is not suitable for you, you can consider buying a print. All the paintings, which are available on the site, can be printed on canvas or paper, in this case the art object will be much cheaper.

Advantages of making purchase in the Struchaieva Art gallery:

  • the authenticity of the paintings, the quality of the materials and the long life of the original appearance;
  • careful packaging before delivery with a photo and video confirmation;
  • a large selection of delivery services in Ukraine and around the world;
  • honest pricing policy, the ability to buy a painting or print;
  • buyers get legal rights for the paintings and take full ownership of the work.

The site contains hundreds of works that will attract the attention of art lovers and will be excellent additions to any interior. Representatives of the gallery will be happy to help with the choice and discuss special terms of paintings buying.

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