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Painting purchase

How topurchase a painting in the online-galler?
  1. You need to fill in the feedback form providing contact details.
  2. Then you need to choose an appropriate delivery method. We recommend choosing a courier delivery if you live in Kharkiv. Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta are suitable for customers from other Ukrainian cities and towns. Using TNT is comfortable for customers from Europe. You can make your order from any part of the world with DHL or UPS.
  3. Choose a payment method. Available options: internet-acquiring, non-cash payment according to the payment details and payment upon delivery (available for residents of Ukraine).
  4. Our manager will contact you and clarify deal details. If it is needed, he/she will help you to choose payment and delivery methods.
  5. After making a payment, a painting will be sent in the package, which allows to save its integrity and appearance.
I am going to order several paintings. Could I get a discount?

Yes, every customer can count on an individual pricing policy choosing 2 or more artworks in our online-gallery.

Can I reserve a painting to buy it later?

Yes, you can make a reservation for an artwork making partial prepayment. You can discuss its terms and details with the gallery representative.


How to make payment for an order?

You can choose suitable payment method:

  1. Internet acquiring

    Cardholders of Visa, Mastercard and Maestro can make payments for the paintings and prints using Internet acquiring. In this case, you will need to fill in the card details on the payment system page.Currency for payment - Ukrainian hryvnia, US dollar and Euro. The amount of the commission for payment depends on the bank, which the buyer is a customer of.

  2. Non-cash payment

    Non-cash payment involves a bank transfer. By entering your email, you will receive payment details and the sum of the order. You can transfer money using Internet banking or by contacting a bank branch. Choosing a non-cash form of payment, you can pay for your purchase in Euros (conversion is carried out at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine).

  3. Payment upon delivery

    If prepayment is not suitable for you, you can pay for the purchase upon delivery. In this case, the cash on delivery service will be paid separately. The payment method and money transfer services depend on the terms of the selected delivery service. This payment method is available for buyers in Ukraine.

Who gets the rights after buying a painting?

As a part of the deal, the artist signs a contract where she transfers ownership to the new owner including intellectual property. Thus, all rights for the painting will belong to you.

Can I make a partial prepayment for a picture?

You can discuss all the financial details of the deal with a manager at the first consultation. We with pleasure will discuss and provide you individual contract terms.


Do you send paintings to other countries?

Yes, we work with international shipment survices DHL, TNT and UPS, which gives us an opportunity to work with customers from any country.

A manager of our store will personally control the purchase from the moment of application, until you receive the painting.

How long does it take to send a painting?

If you order a delivery within Ukraine, preparing and sending of the artwork will take not more than 5 days in sum.

Delivery takes about three weeks and depends on the delivery service of a recipient for residents of other countries.

What condition a painting will be delivered in?

Cooperating with delivery services, we always make sure that the shipment is as safe as possible for the artwork. Therefore, we follow the process of packaging a painting and fix its appearance with photo and video before sending it.

We did not encounter such situations, but in case of damage, the delivery service will be responsible for it. Therefore, we urge you to check the artwork upon receipt.

Contact us

How to contact us?
  1. Via messenger Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp by the phone number +38 (050) 880-11-04.
  2. Make a phone call:
    • 0 800 31-05-00
    • +38 (057) 729-00-05
    • +38 (050) 880-11-04
  3. Email us at alla@struchaieva.art
  4. In Skype struchaieva_art.
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