Features of the genre

The main subject of a portrait is always a person. Great skill is considered to be the artist's ability to reflect the inner world of the hero through external qualities. The history of this genre of painting can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, where the creation of portraits and statues was a part of religious rituals. In Europe, this direction began to develop actively during the reign of Alexander the Great.

Portrait in painting

A portrait painting can be created in one of the subgenres:

  • posthumous;
  • religious;
  • historical (significant personalities are depicted);
  • costumed (a person in the image of a character);
  • portrait-painting (a person surrounded by things or nature);
  • family;
  • portrait-image (a collective image is shown).

Portrait artists and their masterpieces

What image do you imagine when you say "portrait"? Probably, this is "Mona Lisa", painted by the great artist, Leonardo da Vinci. He was the greatest painter and received recognition during his lifetime. Da Vinci was one of the first, who used oil paints to create artworks, and many wealthy people in Italy sought to buy an oil portrait created by him starting from the 16th century.

Another Renaissance talent is Raphael. His artworks depict gentle and airy images of people, who seem to be perfect. One of the most "productive" portrait artists is Rubens. During his life he painted about 3000 artworks. Rembrandt was a master of conveying emotions through portraits. His works "breathe" with the moods of the characters, you can trace his own style, non-standard play of light and shadow.

Why Struchaieva Art

Despite the development of photographic technology, modern portrait, as the direction of oil painting, remains popular today. They are ordered as gifts for close people or created as a keepsake.

In our online gallery you can buy portraits in different styles painted by the Ukrainian artist, Alla Struchaieva.

Here are some reasons to place your order here:

  1. By deciding to buy an oil portrait painting, you will become the owner of all legal rights of the work and will be able to exhibit it in the future.
  2. There is an opportunity to either purchase the original artwork or order a print at a more affordable price.
  3. Artworks of the gallery are painted with expensive permanent paints on high-quality German canvases, and durable stretchers are used to avoid deformation.
  4. We offer convenient payment methods and worldwide shipping.
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