Pictures of the city: original interior design

City landscape as a genre of painting

City landscapes in painting remained only views from windows in portraits or decorations for plot paintings until the end of the Renaissance. After the landscape was singled out as a separate genre, paintings with a view of the city appeared more and more often and were met with a positive reaction from the audience. The Netherlands school is considered to be the birthplace of this subgenre, then the direction spread throughout Europe. In the XVIII th century in Venice it was possible to buy a painting with a city right on the street. These "postcards" were made for wealthy tourists. With the development of styles and sub-styles, landscapes have become deeper and more unusual.

There are 7 types of city landscapes:

  1. Veduta. The main features is a realistic and detailed image of the city, taking into account proportions and perspectives.
  2. Architectural landscape. The focus is on the architectural monument.
  3. Capriccio. An image of destroyed fictional structures, most often antique ones.
  4. Fantastic. The artworks depicts fictional cities of the future.
  5. Park view. Islets of urban nature at different times of the year.
  6. Industrial city landscape. Emphasis on the power and beauty of industrial buildings: plants, train stations, power stations and factories.
  7. Urban. The paintings show the lights of megalopolises, skyscrapers and transport.

Famous representatives of the genre

In the XIXth century, a significant event for painting took place - the invention of tin tubes for paint. This made it possible for artists to work on the street and paint landscapes from life. Plein air painting gave impulse to the development of new styles and genres, and city landscapes began to "breathe" life and became dynamic.

Romantic Ulyam Turner painted cities, focusing on the beauty of their buildings, squares and alleys. The impressionist city oil painting "Impression" by Claude Monet demonstrates the airy beauty of a moment that will slip away in a minute. The urban landscape of the realist Edward Hopper reveals the uncovered realities of industrial life, conveying the special spirit of the area.

Can an oil painting show the city at night without a single black stroke? The post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh believed that night is richer in colors than day, and in his painting "Cafe Terrace at Night" he skillfully used exclusively blue, purple and yellow tones.

How to choose a city landscape

In the online gallery Struchaieva Art, you can select and buy paintings of the city. Our experts will be happy to consult you about the combination of interior and painting styles, the location of the painting. If the size of the original artwork does not fit your space, you can make in the desired size a print on canvas or photo paper. This option will be not only adaptive, but also more affordable.

Purchasing the landscape of the city by Alla Struchaieva, you do not need to worry about the correspondence of the photos to the original and the conditions for obtaining:

  • all paintings are created with persistent oil paints that do not fade;
  • we care about safe delivery and careful packaging of paintings;
  • you will receive legal rights for the original painting.

When you shop with us, you get more than just a decorative element. Each artwork has its own story, emotions, and a piece of the author's soul is embedded in it. You will learn all this from a consultation with a manager.

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