For thousands of years people have been looking up at the canvas of shining stars in the pitch darkness of space, trying to find out the secrets of the Universe and the future. Today, when science has advanced in the study of outer space, every day we receive new photographs of distant worlds and are increasingly thinking about buying a painting of space for home interiors.

Paintings with space in the interior

If we take into account the maps of the starry sky on the walls of ancient caves, then we can say that people began to use images of space in the interior about 25 thousand years ago. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, this tradition fell out of use due to the strong influence of religion. After science had returned to fashion again, more and more ordinary people became interested in space. And in the middle of the ХХth century, with the beginning of the exploration of space, the genre of space art appeared. Artists from the leading countries in the space industry worked in this direction - the USSR (Andrei Sokolov) and the USA (Chesley Bonestell).

With the development of futurism, many fans of fashionable solutions in the interior wanted to buy their paintings of space. Today there is even a separate space style of interiors, the inalienable attributes of which are images of stars and planets. It can be both photographs and posters, and oil paintings of the Universe.

We offer several interior solutions in the given direction:

  • dark space landscape in cold colors for high-tech kitchen;
  • artwork depicting a comet in a futuristic office;
  • abstraction in bright colors for the living room in bionic style.

How to order a space landscape from the "Universe" series

Space themes in our online gallery are represented by abstract artworks and fantastic landscapes. For each buyer there is a Universe of oil painting that matches the color scheme and style. Here are some of the advantages of buying such an artwork in our store:

  1. Abstraction is perfect for almost any interior, you just need to adhere to the color palette. Therefore, you can give the Universe to a loved one.
  2. The artist puts emotions and ideas into each canvas, therefore, each Universe has a unique story.
  3. Thanks to high-quality canvases and expensive paints, the Universe will always be infinitely beautiful.
  4. We take care of careful packaging and delivery of orders, so the Universe will be safe.

You can also buy a print of the painting in the desired size, it will cost less. Our manager will be happy to answer all your questions.

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