Abstract art painting styles

Abstract art is extremely popular among fans of modern solutions in the interior. Designers often recommend buying abstract paintings to liven up the space and balance the color scheme. The question of what appeared earlier, realism or abstractionism, still causes controversy among art critics. The ornaments that ancient people used to decorate walls or objects are usually called the "abstract language" of art, but abstractionism as a direction of painting began to develop only in the XXth century. During this period, an active move from the strict values of the academic style and realistic depiction of objects began. Shapes, colors and emotions came out on top.

Most often, artists who paint with oil paintings work in this style. The composition of an oil painting on canvas, abstraction, always looks expressive and deep, even if it is a single geometric figure.

Depending on the main objects, the following types of abstract painting are distinguished:

  • geometric (classical non-objective art);
  • color (play of colors);
  • curvilinear (the image of patterns, curves and symbols that carry a certain semantic meaning);
  • emotional (elements of surrealism, naturalism and organic abstraction);
  • minimalistic (reference to the avant-garde);
  • gestures (characterized by an intermittent manner of applying paint on the canvas).

What is the difference between abstractionism and surrealism

It is enough to imagine the paintings of Kazimir Malevich and Salvador Dali to understand how these two styles differ. Abstraction paintings convey the artist's intention through geometric shapes and color combinations. Surrealists visualize the idea through paradoxical and absurd images, changeable figures. A common feature is the rejection of images that are close to reality.

For those, who are looking for interior painting, abstraction will be a more suitable option than a surreal artwork due to its versatility. Combining colors and shapes can help connect together furniture and walls, ceiling and floor, and balance accents. A surreal artwork, on the contrary, will itself become a bright accent and add extravagance.

Why us?

In the online store Struchaieva Art you can buy an abstract oil painting. Here you will find plots in a variety of colors and themes: from airy combinations of pastel colors and soft shapes to dark and heavy cosmic space. The works of the Ukrainian artist, Alla Struchaieva are filled with strong emotions and positive energy, they convey the conceptual and original ideas of the author.

Here are some reasons to choose abstract paintings for your interior in our gallery:

  1. Depending on how much you are ready to spend, you can purchase an original painting or print in TIFF format and print it in the desired size yourself.
  2. By making a purchase of the original painting, you get all the rights to own and use the artwork.
  3. All products are created using high-quality materials. Over time, the paints do not fade and the canvas does not deform. The artwork remains expressive over the years.
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