People have depicted flowers and plants as symbols since ancient times. So pictures with lotus flowers in ancient Egypt symbolized the sun, fertility and prosperity. Later, until the end of the monopoly of academism, flowers were not depicted as central objects, but were used as background elements or auxiliary details of the plot. The exception is rare still life paintings of the Renaissance. In the XVIIIth century, with the development of impressionism and romanticism, artists added flowers to their paintings.The appearance of the plein air became a big step. Working outside the workshops, craftsmen were able to better convey the beauty of nature. The series "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet, still lifes by Vincent Van Gogh, pop-art scenes by Andy Warhol deserve special attention.

Paintings with flowers in the interior

Where to hang a painting with flowers

Buying oil painting with flowers is a good idea if you are going to give the room a feeling of lightness, tenderness and sophistication. Note that flowers do a great job with the emptiness of space, making the atmosphere alive. It can be used in rooms where there is not a lot of furniture yet or there is a feeling that “something is missing”.

To choose the right beautiful oil painting with flowers, you need to correctly correlate the style of the interior and the painting:

  • expressionist artworks are suitable for boho;
  • romanticism is suitable for a vintage style;
  • impressionists artworks will find a place in country and provence styles;
  • avant-garde is for kitsch or modern style;
  • neoclassicism will require the rigor of academic painting;
  • hyperrealism is suitable for the Scandinavian style.

To make oil painting with flowers the perfect complement to the interior, focus on symbolism and energy. A bouquet of peonies, which symbolize tenderness, will perfectly complement the girl's bedroom. A landscape with blooming lavender fields will give the room an atmosphere of serenity and is suitable for a living room. Sunflowers are a symbol of longevity and happiness. A painting with them will be a great gift for parents.

The advantages of buying paintings in the Struchaieva Art

In our gallery you can buy an oil painting of flowers, choosing between bright still life and unusual landscapes. We can also make a special print to make the artwork with flowers modular. Here are some of the benefits of a store that can help you make your choice:

  1. High-quality materials: only durable oil paints and sturdy stretchers.
  2. Providing legal rights to originals of artworks.
  3. Each painting of flowers has a unique story and message.
  4. It is possible to buy a print to choose the size and save money.
  5. Careful delivery worldwide.
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