Avant-garde as a direction of painting

Even the most famous avant-garde paintings that adorn the walls of modern art galleries are still controversial among fans of painting. Some consider this trend unprofessional and pretentious, while others, on the contrary, admire the brave decisions of the artists.

At the turn of the XIXth and XXth centuries progressive artists built the foundation for a new trend, which added another meaning to the term "avant-garde". Avant-garde painting can be described as a collection of daring and innovative practices that, at the time of their appearing, often shocked viewers. The authors of the artworks denied all the values and canons of classical artistic techniques.

Avant-garde paintings

f you are going to buy avant-garde paintings, do not be surprised at the variety of them. The avant-garde is not a stand-alone style, it is a movement in modern painting that includes completely different and original directions:

  • constructivism;
  • cubism and rayonism;
  • expressionism and abstract expressionism;
  • surrealism;
  • supermatism;
  • futurism.

What is the Russian avant-garde

The first avant-garde artists in Russia appeared with the light hand of the artist and critic Alexander Benois at an art exhibition in 1910. He ironically called a group of young creators “avant-garde” when he noticed that they were running ahead of themselves to destroy the accepted artistic norms. The term and the directions included in it settled down by the middle of the XXth century, when avant-garde paintings no longer caused such a strong reaction of the public.

Thanks to the artworks of Kazimir Malevich, supermatism has become the central direction of the Russian avant-garde. It is based on a combination of simple geometric shapes in different colors and sizes. The whole world has been talking about the painting "Black Square" for 100 years.

Avant-garde in the interior

If you are planning to buy avant-garde paintings to complement the interior, be extremely careful. Moving in this direction, it is very important not to miss the border of bright and original with vulgar and tasteless.

Such a canvas will definitely become the accent of your interior, so think about the harmony of bright details. There are several rules for organizing an avant-garde interior:

  1. Feel free to choose color combinations, but use them in their “pure” form (red, green, yellow, white and black).
  2. Maintain contrast, avoid smooth transitions. Hang a bright artwork on a light wall and place dark furniture next to it.
  3. The room should have a central object that attracts and emphasizes style.
  4. Experiment with furniture outlines, arches, steps, catwalks, and lights. In an effort to combine the incongruous, avoid redundancy and excesses.

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