Design experts usually advise buying romanticism paintings for interiors with a touch of classicism, shabby chic or Mediterranean style. This will allow you to bring harmony and completeness to the atmosphere.

Romanticism originated and began to spread in literature, philosophy and painting at the end of the XVIII th century, in contrast to the established academicism. The first paintings in the style of romanticism were criticized for their excessive emotional coloring, although the romantics themselves did not stand aside. They blamed their predecessors for lack of life movement, restraint and cold aloofness. Portraits of romantics were saturated with emotions and unique features of human nature, and landscapes - with inspiration and natural beauty of nature.

Romanticism in painting

The most famous artists who created paintings of the era of romanticism include:

  • Francisco Goya ("Hide and seek", "Portrait of Senora Ceán Bermudez");
  • Theodore Gericault ("Horse Racing in Epsom" , "The Raft of the Medusa");
  • Eugene Delacroix ("Liberty Leading the People", "The Death of Sardanapalus");
  • Karl Bryullov ("The Last Day of Pompeii", "Horsewoman");
  • Ivan Aivazovsky ("The Ninth Wave", "The Bay of Naples").

With the advent of printing presses and the development of the genre in philosophy and literature, more and more reading youth wanted to buy paintings of romanticism. Romantic works found the approval and attention of the middle class, in contrast to the expensive classical paintings for "the rich".

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