Animalistic as a genre of art

Animalistic is a painting genre, which main object is animals. The paintings of the animalistic genre began to be actively distributed in Europe during the Renaissance in the XVII century. If romanticism prevailed at that time, from the 19th century animals began to be depicted more realistically on artists' artworks. In the XXth century this desire came to incredible detail, drawing the smallest parts and visual show of animal behavior.

Animalistic paintings

The first pictures of animals appeared on the walls of caves thousands years ago. From time immemorial, people admired the power and grace of animals, surrounding themselves with their images. The trend has continued till today.

Famous artists, who created animal oil paintings include I Yuanji (XIth century, China), Albrecht Durer (XVIth century, Roman Empire), Rubens (XVIIth century, the Netherlands), Rembrandt (XIXth century, Italy). Also, portraits of Leonardo da Vinci often featured animals.

Today, animalism is more often represented in the following styles:

Animalism in the interior

Author's paintings of animals on canvas will be an unusual and memorable gift for your close people, if you choose the right artwork for the interior. There is an opinion that the only suitable styles for such art objects are ethnic and African. However, this is not true.

For the classic interior solution, the landscape, where animals are present, will organically look. For eco-style, you can buy paintings of animals in their natural habitat. The country living-room will be decorated with an image of a man and a faithful companion. Art Deco looks great with depiction of African animals. A running animal will make the interior more dynamic and suitable for an office. And the child will be delighted with the images of kind and playful animals in the room.

If you choose several paintings, it is better if they are combined in style and theme and are located on different walls. In the case of a large number of diverse images, it is recommended to place them close to each other, for example, group them on one wall.

About buying paintings in the Struchaieva Art

If you are planning to buy paintings, for example, with birds for the interior of a thematic place, our online store can offer several unique artworks.

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